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Winners - Print advertising beautifies our life
AdPrint Foundation announces the “Print beautifies our life” winners 8 ads, signed by 7 agencies were chosen as the best works that prove how print and outdoor advertising beautify our [...] »

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Print advertising beautifies our life 06 May 2013

Print advertising beautifies our life

Starting 2013, AdPrint launches a new challenge to creatives and visual artists worldwide – to prove that print and outdoor advertising beautify our lives (until June 27th). The objective of the campaign is to internationally promote print as the most creative and effective advertising medium.

“Print advertising beautifies our lives” – worldwide challenge for creatives.
AdPrint’s main goal is to generate, to collect and to promote print advertising and graphic design, and therefore, launches a challenge for creatives worldwide (advertising & communication agencies and individuals – freelancers, creatives and young professionals) to demonstrate that print and outdoor advertising can beautify our lives.  The purpose is to generate print and outdoor works and to raise worldwide awareness on how this medium can enrich our lives.  AdPrint will also search for the support of a bigger number of strategic partners in order to achieve this goal.

The best illustrations of how print and outdoor advertising beautify our lives:
-    Will be chosen by a jury made up of top notch international creatives;
-    Will be showcased in printed media worldwide and included in an itinerant exhibition (that will be exhibited at different other advertising related events)
-    Will be gathered and turned into a booklet that will be distributed along with partner publications.

“Print advertising beautifies our lives” Jury:
-    Michael Weinzettl, Editor-in-chief, Lürzers Archive;
-    Stefan Schmidt, Founder and Creative Director, dieckertschmidt;
-    Philippe de Ceuster, Partner and Creative Director, Mortierbrigade;
-    Pol Úbeda Hervàs, Senior Art Director, JWT;
-    Gian Carlo Lanfranco & Rolando Cordova – Senior Creatives, Fred & Farid.

The challenge “Print advertising beautifies our lives” is open to all creatives until June 27th 2013. Entrants can submit a print ad or a series of ads that promote the message that “Print advertising beautifies our lives” that shows print’s values, effects and importance.
All the details can be found on

The press release announcing this campaign was initially released in print in order to enhance the campaign message.

AdPrint extends its activity in order to generate, to collect and to internationally promote print advertising, graphic design and printed media.  The yearly competition rewarding print advertising will be replaced with a series of projects that will entice agencies to solve a brief by creating print ads illustrating the value of this medium.

The new AdPrint mission is:

-    To promote printed media and print advertising at an international level through a series of projects and campaigns;
-    To support quality journalism by encouraging magazine and newspaper subscription;
-    To endorse innovative print advertising and innovation in the medium itself;
-    To educate creatives and to raise the standards in crafting printed materials.
-    To raise awareness on the fact that printed media are the most trusted advertising media (according to media research), due to the fact that they represent a powerful way to reach out and touch the consumer, print engages the reader as no other medium and brings a higher brand engagement;
-    To promote print as an art and to show that printed materials beautify our environment;

Supported by a larger team of professionals and endorsed by a sum of strategic partners, AdPrint will initiate a series of projects meant to showcase and to promote excellence in print advertising and graphic design at an international level. Therefore, will become a showcase of all the print works awarded at international competitions and AdPrint will look for ways exhibit these works around the world.

In 2012, AdPrint started a cause beyond the competition and launched a call for great print – „Save the Print” - a challenge for all creatives to keep the entire print industry alive and to encourage good craft in print advertising. The “Save the Print” campaign happened between June - October 2012 and gathered 142 executions, created by 92 supporters of print advertising. The best works, as selected by Lurzer’s Archive Editor in Chief, Michael Weinzettl appeared in Lürzer’s Archive and in other 18 European publications, in their September – October issues. This selection was also showcased in the form of an exhibition in Bucharest.

AdPrint evolved from being a local print manifestation back in 1998 to a regional (in 2001) and then European festival (in 2004) and for 13 years awarded the best works in print advertising, outdoor and graphic design.


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